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Volv reviews Rocket Riot (X360)

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Volv said...

Rocket Riot provides simple yet addictive gameplay in a visually appealing world which will have you coming back for more.

The game takes place in a world composed of blocks which provides visually intriguing aesthetics and lends to a funk and nostalgic 8-bit pixelated visual style. The slight perspective shifts which occur as you move around each stage provide a unique three-dimensional appeal in what is quite a quirky and fun little world.

After Blockbeard, a fearsome pirate, escapes from jail and steals the legs (yes, you read it correctly) of all the characters in town, the community relies on rocket thrusters as their only means of movement. With a trusty rocket launcher on hand, you are tasked with chasing down Blockbeard through a diverse variety of worlds ranging from the insides of a computer where you battle the villain's robot minions to the outskirts of space where you'll be confronted by aliens and space octopi.

Each of the eight worlds contains 10 stages with slightly varying gameplay. Every stage will have you either killing a set number of enemies, digging into the blocks to find hidden characters, destroying specific objects, or scoring goals with footballs. The rocket launcher lends nicely to these game types with the entire block-like environment destructible, allowing the creation of impromptu passages to escape overwhelming enemy forces (whom also have rocket launchers at hand) and otherwise navigate the map. On the odd occasion the game will throw in a unique game type but for the most part you are confined to the aforementioned objectives. At the end of each world you will encounter a boss fight with unique abilities which provide for some exciting gameplay, the most memorable of which was a fight against seemingly endless hordes of your own clones as stray rockets released more from their test tube enclosures.

Controls are simple, with the left analog controlling movement and the right joystick used to shoot rockets. In order to fire the rockets, you must draw back the right analog stick to charge up power and then release to shoot. Power-ups are abundant and can be picked up during gameplay providing temporary unique perks such as super-sized rockets, the ability to move and shoot through walls, bouncing rockets and more, as well as a number of power-downs.

The game allows you to play as and switch between characters as often as you wish, with new characters being unlocked as you kill them in the game. You are also able to somewhat customise your character by changing its primary colour, although the sheer number of characters means that you will often find little or no need to.

In addition to the appealing visuals, the specially recorded music tracks are outstanding and some of the best in Arcade games, adding to the insanely fast-paced action and making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Whilst the limited game types will sooner or later lead single player to become somewhat repetitive, the addictive, upbeat and fun gameplay as well as the multiplayer game mode makes Rocket Riot undoubtedly an enjoyable game. As far as Live Arcade games go, Rocket Riot is definitely a gem and well worth the purchase.

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    frantic combat, retro
Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 17/JUN/09
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